Macau is China´s own Las Vegas and it is huge

Visit Macau, a James Bond-like adventure

Macau is an independent part of China since 1997,  with almost the same government system as for Hong Kong. Macau is placed at the very southern coastline of China by the  Pearl River Delta and only a 1 hours boat trip from Hong Kong. It was before 1997 a part of colonial Portugal, and now is living out a 50-year phase of becoming an integrated part of China in all aspects.

Its giant casinos and malls on the Cotai Strip, which joins the islands of Taipa and Coloane, have earned it the nickname, “Las Vegas of Asia.” One of its more striking landmarks is the 338 meters high Macau Tower, with sweeping city views.

Macau has the 5 largest casinos in the world

For now, it is “the casino of China” with good reason with 5 of the largest casinos in the world and some of the best hotels, you can imagine. That is why we are here: To witness the no limits ability to build amazing new hotels and casinos and tourist facilities on a background of still existing remnants of the 400-year Portuguese era.

Bonus info for the curious: Which are those 5 biggest casinos? The biggest is maybe surprisingly enough Winstar in Oklahoma, USA)

  • The second-largest casino in the world is the Venetian Macao with 546,000 square feet.
  • The City of Dreams Casino is right next to the Venetian in Macao, China.
  • The Casino Ponte is number 5 and the only casino situated in the historic center of Macao
  • The Sands Macao Casino is where the action is in Macao, China
  • The MGM Grand Macao is number 8 in the world, also an import from the US.

Is Macau for you and your family too?

Macau today is for everybody. It is affordable to stay a few days and be part of the vibrant atmosphere. You can also be flown in from mainland China, and the limo will take you to the hotel or casino of your choice in no time if you have that kind of casino and street cred to your name. VIP is taken very seriously here in the Las Vegas of China or is Las Vegas soon the Macau of the United States? The growth is staggering.

Venetian casino in Macau. Landmark, interior

Venetian casino in Macau. Landmark, interior

The island is much more than “copy-past bigger”. You bring your loved one, have a romantic “city break”. It is close to a must do visit, if you are in Hong Kong already.
It is almost surreal to see those interpretations of the major US casinos and hotels on a small island in the South Sea, perhaps even better executed than the originals. The Chinese to way compliment so to speak. The biggest of them all is aforementioned the Venetian, First, it was a homage concept to classic Venice in Las Vegas, then a casino and hotel in Macau, so big you could stay there for 4 days and not use the same swimming pool twice.  Or eat in the same restaurant more than once. It is a mini world of its own.

Macau, hotel og casino the Venetian

Macau, hotel og casino the Venetian

From Hong Kong to Macau in one short hour by hydrofoil

Behind the impressive skyline above you will find a vacation style otherwise reserved for Las Vegas and Nevada. It is a true adventure to see the new and flashy  China meeting the old colonial Portuguese part of the city. The trip from Hong Kong costs about 20 USD depending on the time of day and week.

Macau skyline

Macau skyline

The other Macau, Senado Square, and Monte Fortress

On your excursion to Macau, you may also want to see the old Portuguese Macau Monte Fort.
Monte Fortress was built in 1627 as the first line of defense. You also find a museum that tells the story of Macau focusing on earlier times during the 400 year Portugal era.  Also, there is a Catholic church still, worth seeing,  St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Monte Fort, Macau, China. Canons, attractions

Monte Fort, Macau, China. Canons, attractions

After that perhaps stroll down San Ma Lo Road to the historic center in town, the Senado Square.  As you can see in the picture with the canons, the new world meets the old in a very direct way. Perhaps sit on a bench and calibrate the historical perspective. Things move fast in China. The number of houses from the colonial period is on the Unesco World Heritage list.


Senado Square, Macau

Senado Square, Macau

Summing up Macau

You are very likely not here to kiss a genuine gondola in reverence of classic Italy.  You came here to have a top-dollar comfortable vacation catering to your every whim in exotic surroundings. A kind of Disneyworld for adults.  Stroll down  Cotai Strip to spend some of your gambling winnings. Here you find a serious selection of brand store shopping. The street is also a bridge connection bigger the islands of Taipa and Coloane.  Enjoy the view from the 338 meters tall Macau Tower.

Welcome to the Las Vegas of Asia. Please make your bet, Sir/Madam.

Visit Macau (official site)

Visit Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is so close to Macau. One of the most important financial centers in the world.
Hong Kong.  But Hong Kong also has several 100 islands, beautiful beaches, mountains, and many attractions and perhaps the best Disneyland in Asia. Want to see more?


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