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Our Dream Travel search tool is a very easy and simple way to find ideas for a memorable and personalized travel experience. Specify location and activities, as well as experiences and leisure types. Hitting two birds (or more!) with one stone on planning your dream. Vacation has never been easier with this new Dream Travel tool. Try it yourself and you’ll discover that the possibilities are virtually endless, no matter what you search for: Is it a trip to an “Ice Hotel in Sweden” or a magical experience such as “Diving Holidays in Belize” or “Seaside luxury hotels at the Mediterranean?”

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You can search on 1, 2 or 3 criteria:

Travel interest
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What kind of vacation would you like to have?

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Dream Travel makes you focus on what you really want, the easiest way

Dream Travel makes it easy to find travel ideas and inspiration. Sure there are dozens of new travel suggestion websites, but these are more likely limited in their offerings. What makes TravelTalk unique is that we only recommend the best combination of places, accommodations, flights, rentals, experiences, and pretty much anything you could imagine for your dream vacation.

With our free online tool, you can specify a destination, or a travel theme (eg ski holidays, bicycle holidays, etc.) for your trip, and experiment with different combinations. You’ll also get travel inspiration and suggestions from our partner destinations and providers, as well as travel themes and articles that match your interest. The TravelTalk team is constantly developing and improving our Dream Travel tool so you can easily find your dream trip over a cup of afternoon coffee.

Get free travel inspiration: Safari in Africa? Diving in Bali? Hiking in Mallorca?

For example, use the destination search field “Austria” with the experience field empty, you’ll get all the results for Austria alone.
If you search for “Skiing” with the experience field blank, you’ll get all the results for “Skiing” only.
Or you can use both fields and enter “Austria” and “Skiing”, and in this case, you will get suggestions for your dream Skiing trip to Austria.

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We have different travel partners for each destination. If you need options for your dream trip, you can find both transport options and accommodation/hotels below.

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Travels around the world

Travels around the world

“Travel interests” is another way to find your ultimate dream holiday

Our travel interests section offers more than 14 travel themes and posts/articles from around the world based on these travel interests such as skiing, bicycle holidays, castle holidays, city break, active holiday, adventure vacation, fitness and health, etc. And there are more on the way.

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