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Adventure travel, is for that you?

Adventure holidays are different: You seek a new exciting travel adventure. It may be a vacation to an exotic destination or offer exciting activities you like, maybe trekking in the mountains or diving with dolphins, or simply seeing a new part of the world. Adventures do not have to be awesome feats of bravery.   

Traveltalk features all kinds of adventure trips from the discovery of forgotten cities, in exotic jungles, and air balloons, to a journey across the Alps. An adventurous journey lets you experience something different and delivers beyond the expectation of your routine-like vacation. Do you like to participate in an extraordinary adventure, an experience that brings memories to life? And of course, you don´t even have to be Indiana Jones. With our guides and travel providers, you are in the best hands.

Rocky mountains at Whistler, Canada.

Rocky mountains at Whistler, Canada.

So read on and find adventure travel inspiration. We constantly find adventure travel and travel inspiration with the extra kick, and we share it with you. We have posts and travel ideas with lots of adventure trips from Antarctica to Iceland.

Discover the Mayan forgotten culture?

Read about Central America’s jungles and the rich cultural heritage of forgotten civilizations such as the Incas. It is a perfect adventure holiday. Discover hang gliding in Nepal near Himalayan snowy peaks, and, about the mysterious New Hebrides on Scotland’s north-west coast, where some of the best whiskeys come from. As for New Guinea and the last hunters, are they hungry?

Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana

Up for a completely different vacation in Mallorca? Trekking in Mallorca’s wild mountains covers approximately 100 km, but for the less seasoned trekker, doing less is a worthy experience nonetheless 

These holidays might seem unusual for the things these countries are known for, so how about’ kayaking in Singapore or a beach holiday in Hong Kong? Explore Yangon’s gold-clad temples in Myanmar, walk through mud baths in hard-to-reach caves in North Vietnam, and finally, when it can’t be wild enough, River rafting and bungee jumping in Uganda is sure to give you a boost of adrenaline.

Traveltalk lets you find and read about adventure trips and experiences that are beyond the ordinary. An unforgettable experience of a lifetime is almost guaranteed. We hope you find your dream holiday!

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Son Doong grotten. Vietnam

Son Doong Grotten. Vietnam

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Peru Machu Picchu

Peru Machu Picchu

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