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Canada, the last frontier

Canada is even bigger than the USA, and only one other country in the world, Russia, surpasses it in size. Perhaps, we forget that fact as the population is relatively small compared to the huge number of square kilometres it covers, or perhaps it is sometimes overshadowed by its somewhat brasher, noisier neighbour to the south. We may think of this extremely beautiful, safe, rich and stable country as being closer to us and our basic values than the USA. But don´t make the mistake of assuming that Canada is just a colder version of the States, for nothing could be further from the truth – as any Canadian will quickly put you right on! From the East coast to the West, from Halifax to Vancouver, Canada is her own. A journey of discovery from the coast to the prairies and on out through the majestic Rocky Mountains, whose breath-taking scenery will astound and impress you, will remain imprinted on your retina forever. And a trip from one multi-cultural city to the next is like travelling from one country to another. Each has its own very special flavour. Canadians like to think of themselves as laid-back and friendly, and enjoy welcoming visitors to this big country of theirs. Their accent is charming and easy-to-understand and comes in two versions – English and French in this bilingual country.

The big cities in Canada

Stretching 6,251 km. from coast to coast, its major metropolises include quaint Halifax on the east coast, buzzing Toronto with 2.7 million inhabitants further west, Niagara, the charming French cities of Quebec and Montreal with their lovely, historic centres, tranquil Ottawa- the nation´s capital, and one of the world´s most spectacular cities, Vancouver on the west coast and Victoria on Vancouver Island with its quirky, artsy community and British flavour. So huge and so varied, this country was made for the ultimate road trip. Short on time? Then take in some of the world´s most spectacular scenery from the glass, upper deck of the Rocky Mountaineer -one of the world´s ultimate train rides from Banff through the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver.

bird flying over body of water at daytime

Whale near Vancouver, Canada

The nature of Canada

Or come play with the Orcas up close on a whale watching trip on “the island” (Vancouver Island – just an hour from Vancouver). For nature lovers, this is the place to camp or hire a motor home, and there´s a good chance you´ll see bear, moose, deer, eagles, seals and even, if you´re lucky, beluga whales. The island is also home to grizzlies, wolves and cougars though you won´t see them – and won´t want to. Or hop on a seaplane for a whole other adventure northwards to view polar bears or enjoy a spot of ice fishing. And don´t believe all you hear – they do have summers in Canada!

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