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Come to Aruba in the Caribbean

Aruba is one of the eastern Caribbean’s most visited islands. It is a Dutch possession with its own parliament and a Dutch governor.

Several international travel agencies have discovered Aruba. There are also quite convincing reasons for this. Here’s a line of them.

1. Aruba’s beaches are generally considered some of the cleanest white beaches in the Caribbean. Two include Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.

2. Oranjestad is the colorful capital of the island. Charming buildings in beautiful old Dutch architecture.

3. Friendly Arubans who often speak Dutch, Spanish, English and local Papiamento. You can communicate quite easily here.

4. Fantastic geography. Part of the island’s interior is untouched and wild nature with mountain caves, trails for off-roaders, raw rock formations and all the time the wild sea in the background.

5 Diving: Aruba is high on the list of best diving destinations, especially on the southwest coast. Many rocks in the sea here and intact coal reefs provide a breeding ground for a rich and varied population of tropical fish.

6. The nightlife is cool from cocktail parties to tropical night parties, beach barbecue and the tempting happy hours every day. There is also a bar and dancing for the morning in the nightclubs.

7. Windsurfing is great here because of the daily winds of adequate strength and wind direction.

8. World-class casinos are a bit of a controlled gambling dog, so try your luck here with games like poker, blackjack, roulette or Caribbean Stud poker (that is a new one!) Bonus info: Here you are safe from the sun!

9. Aruba is child-friendly. The hotels facilities and the many activities have also taken the family into consideration

10. Here one is eco-friendly and there is an eco-plan that goes all the way from protecting the life of the sea and the island’s land ecosystems to creating the natural balance between tourism and nature conservation and resources.

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Briefly about Aruba

Capital: Oranjestad

Area: 178.9 km²

Population: 105,000

Currency: Aruban Florin

Continent: South America

Official languages: Dutch, Papiamento

Aruba in the Caribbean

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