- Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is by far Norway’s largest airport. It is located in Ullensaker municipality, near Jessheim in the landscape Romerike in Akershus county, approx. 35 km northeast of Oslo city center.

Today, the airport consists of one terminal with three fingers: one for domestic traffic, one for foreign traffic, and one for both. In 2015, the airport had just over 24.67 million passengers. The airport terminal was expanded again in April 2017, when a new terminal was opened. In total, the airport now has a capacity of 32 million passengers.

The story behind Gardermoen

Originally, the area where the airport is located was the exercise area for the cavalry. During World War II, the German Armed Forces built a military airport with hangars and two runways. After the war, it became a base for the Norwegian Air Force.

In the late 1980s, charter traffic and some long-distance routes began to move to Gardermoen to relieve the then Oslo airport, Fornebu, which had capacity problems and which due to its location could not be expanded.

In 1988, the Storting decided to build a new main airport on the Hurum peninsula. However, there were too many problems with fog there, so the Storting decided on 8 October 1992 that the new main airport for Eastern Norway should instead be built in Gardermoen. Construction began on 13 August 1993. The new airport was officially opened on 8 October 1998, at the same time as Fornebu was closed down.

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As Gardermoen is located 50 km from Oslo city center, Europavej E6 between Oslo and Gardermoen was widened, and in 1999 the new double-track high-speed railway, Flytoget and Gardermoen Station (Oslo Airport) opened.

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