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Colombia – so much to see in this immense South American country

Colombia is renowned for many extremely good things – its history, culture and natural wonders, to name just a few. Most people, however, will be aware that it also has a somewhat darker side – a not insignificant export of illicit narcotic substances, although that seems to be coming more under control now. But remember, that is the side of things that tourists travelling with a reputable tour operator will never see.

Lost City in Santa Marta in Colombia, Travel in South America

Lost City in Santa Marta in Colombia, Travel in South America

From the snow-covered Andes Mountain Range to the lowland, tropical rainforests and sunny Caribbean coast, there is a wealth of outdoor experiences just waiting to be explored. In the cities, you will find graceful, colonial architecture, while the beautiful coffee-growing regions with their pretty pueblos, where life has changed little over the centuries, will dazzle you with their brilliant shades of green. Anyone for coffee? It is said to be the best in the world. Add to all of that a gentle, smiling people, and comfortable climate, and well, what more could you ask for? Colombia´s inhabitants are a blend of descendants of Europeans, Africans and Indians, each with their own history and culture. That´s what makes this country so colorful and fascinating as a destination.

Useful to know:

The country is situated in the northern part of South America but has some territories in Central America, and it borders the Caribbean Sea between Panama and Venezuela, and the Pacific Ocean between Panama and Ecuador.

Capital: Bogotá

Area: 1,142,000 sq. km.

Currency: Colombian peso

President: Juan Manuel Santos

Population: 49 million

Official language: Spanish

Beatiful landscape from Penol rock view point near town of Guatape, Colombia

A beautiful landscape from Penol rock viewpoint near the town of Guatape, Colombia

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