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One Life Adventures

At One Life, we’ve always seen tourism as an opportunity to make a difference. We wanted to prove that tourism was more than seeing places you could have never imagined and to show people that travel could be impactful, ethical and quite literally, life-changing. So that’s what we did; we put local communities, the environment, and personal development at the heart of our operations and five years later, we’ve run life-changing trips for thousands of travelers and are currently rated #1 worldwide.

We started out in the Philippines, moved over to Sri Lanka just a year later and then launched in Japan the following year. All three tours are now multi-award winning and our Japan trip was even rated #1 worldwide in 2019. We just opened two brand new tours in Indonesia and India and extended the massively popular Japan trip by another four days (we just had to make it longer!).

How One Life Adventures Operate

We choose to keep our group sizes small, to allow for more meaningful connections to be made between our guests and the local communities we travel through and to keep your experience as personal as possible. Immersing our guests in the local culture, while offering the opportunity to relax and reset in some of the most stunning locations the planet has to offer is what it’s all about. We’ve searched high and low to find unique activities and one-off, special accommodations that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. From kendo classes in Japan with a descendent of a real samurai, to waking up on your own private beach at our beach camp in the Philippines, these are unique adventures you’ll be talking about for years.

All inclusions are listed on your booking page and you’ll receive all the info you need for your travels before you even step foot in the country. No hidden costs and plenty of time to prepare. Your epic One Life group leader and our legendary local guides are there to help you have the time of your life, every step of the way. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride – we promise it’s a good one!

Why tour With Us

We put our money where our mouth is and put our guests, the local communities and the environment at the very centre of what we do.

Our guests have rated us so highly over the years that we’ve won multiple awards both for our life-changing trips AND for the guides that run them. 2 of TourRadar’s top 3 Guides of the Year in 2018 were One Life Adventures guides and all 3 of our longest-running tours are rated #1 in their respective destinations.

We are committed to keeping our tours environmentally friendly by keeping plastic waste to a minimum. On our tours you’ll find our suppliers providing eco-friendly alternatives where possible, our accommodation providers providing refill stations and you’ll even be able to buy our plastic-free merchandise. We stock reusable water bottles, tote bags, metal straws and even washable bamboo cotton face masks. What’s more, the profits from these items go towards the community projects we set up and run in each country – like school development projects.  When you tour with us, you know your money is going back into the local communities you’re visiting – where it’s needed most.

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