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Angola is the new travel adventure in Africa

Angola is not for everyone, but it is an interesting option for experienced globetrotters and trendsetters.

For the adventurous traveler who is looking to share spell-binding tales of daring deeds with like-minded, buddies around the fireplace over a cognac, under the hunting trophies, this is definitely an option to consider! Or if water is what you´re looking for, pick a spot along the Atlantic coast that seems to go on forever – for 1,650 km. to be precise. Africa as a travel destination is growing rapidly in terms of tourist facilities and popularity. will follow this development closely and suggest options for every taste in Africa.

Luanda is the Capital of Angola

The capital is Luanda and, according to government sources, the country´s economy is growing rapidly. This is good news for the former Portuguese colony which certainly needed a boost following a post-colonial civil war that lasted 25 years and brought the country to its knees before it finally ended in 2002.

Note that you will need to obtain a visa, and it is wise to apply for it well in advance. Also,, keep an eye on information concerning travel restrictions or recommendations published online by your own country´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Read much more about Angola and Africa at and remember “Africa, as a continent, is where we, as a species, all come from, and where we are all headed”, as food writer and globetrotter, Anthony Bourdain, put it so concisely. In recent years, our eyes have been opened not only to the massive potential this huge continent has for economic growth and political power but also to the amazing potpourri of travel destinations it encompasses from Tunisia in the north on the Mediterranean coast to South Africa at the southern tip on the Cape of Good Hope.

53 countries and 1.2 billion people are waiting to welcome you. Read more about Africa

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