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La Belle France, the world’s most popular travel country

France is the world’s most visited travel country with over 80 mill. visitors coming from all over the world seeing all of the sites from Alsace to Provence.

France has an official tourism website, which will also show you if your country has it own French tourist office and where.

Here at you can read about the 7 most important wine regions, about the rich culture and about ski trips etc.

The big country has ca. 8,000 museums and 40 UNESCO-preserved sites, 500 annual festivals, expensive and inexpensive wines and luxurious designer goods. These are just a few of the alluring characteristics that describe the EU’s third-largest country, elegant France. There is plenty to explore when the trip goes to France. The country’s 13 regions offer travel opportunities for all from sheer luxury to a tent in a field (but ask first please).
Experience the capital of Paris, the City of Lights, which smells of Chanel perfumes, good food and romance. Buy exclusive designer items in the shops on Rue Saint Honoré or treat the sweet tooth with pastries and macarons from Ladurée. Immerse yourself in the art of the grand glass pyramid on the Louvre’s hallways and observe Claude Monet’s huge murals at the Musée de L’Orangerie at the Seine.

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Also take a glass of vin rosé and see this introduction video website

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