Omega World Travel

Omega World Travel

Omega World Travel is a travel management company, business meeting facilitator, business travel agency and much more. Since 1972, we have provided travel services to companies and consumers around the world. With the power of our brands, like, and our industry-leading software, we can help your employees navigate the world safely.

Omega is one of the largest business travel management companies in the US. USA, with more than $ 1 billion in sales. About 70% of our volume is on business trips, and 40% in general is international in scope. We serve corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, government contractors, educational institutions, and more.


Omega offers more options. We offer unique travel solutions, not cookie cutter programs, for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, who want to more effectively manage business travel and save money.

Global reach

Core strength of our company is our global reach and our ability to consolidate travel and reporting operations from global sources into a unified and organized whole. With locations around the world, Omega offers the best of both worlds – large business resources with small business responsiveness. Our global reach and our affiliation with the GlobalStar network ideally positions us to provide consolidated support for the entire customer travel program.

Corporate responsibility

Omega prides itself on being an active and positive force in the communities where we do business. We believe in corporate social responsibility and we tackle, participate in, and respond to global and national events in the many and varied communities we serve. We are a certified eco-travel management company, offering diverse capabilities and next-generation reporting tools that track footprints for customers. We are a nationally recognized diversity company, and have regularly received diversity awards.

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