Trafalgar, the world´s most awarded travel brand

Trafalgar presents themselves:
“We are Trafalgar, the world’s most awarded travel brand, dedicated to helping you fulfill your travel dreams and creating the best travel stories you will ever tell on the seven continents we visit.

Leading the industry since 1947, each individual itinerary is designed by our team of travel experts to give you what you long for on your vacation: the freedom to discover and the confidence to explore.

Through Trafalgar’s exclusive immersions, such as our Be My Guest experiences, you will establish real connections with the places you visit, always. Our travel managers are with you every day of your trip, ready to help you realize your travel dreams, and our network of passionate specialists and local hosts help you discover even more of the essence of each destination through the local eyes. It is all of this that Trafalgar’s red thread creates, allowing you to travel the world with ease, free to live in the moment.

It is important to note that, in essence, it is making a difference in the places we visit, and we always do our part where we can. We realize that traveling is one of life’s best gifts, so we want to make sure that future generations can also enjoy the gift of traveling as much as we do. Through our JoinTrafalgar initiatives, powered by the decade-old TreadRight Foundation, we are working to make a difference by helping people, preserving wildlife and places, and caring for the planet.

Driven by our passion for travel, backed by 74 years of experience and encouraged by the feedback of 5 million happy guests, we continue to innovate and create vacations that are simply the best.

Real Highlights of Trafalgar

Freedom to discover, confidence to explore

Each trip is carefully designed to free you from living in the moment and enjoying your carefree vacation in the world. Feel free to explore the real depth of the places you choose, thanks to our Trafalgar highlights that other travelers may never know or access. You can leave the guides at home and experience the real thing without worrying about anything. Here is a sample of what you can expect on every trip around the world.”

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