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The Isle of Man – this tiny country floating in the sea between Great Britain and Ireland has its own government, own national anthem, own currency, own language (Manx) and own flag! It is blessed with a mild climate tempered by the Gulf Stream, and its scenery varies from rugged cliffs to rolling hills. A peaceful oasis and once popular seaside holiday destination for the English, today it is one of Europe´s major financial hubs – a tax-free haven in deceptively laid-back surroundings.

The island is just 148/ sq. km. in total size. The crime rate is low and inhabitants stick together and are protective and proud of their little nation. Their living standard is said to be one of the highest in Europe.

Flights depart for the island every 20 minutes
Sleepy though it may look, the Isle of Man´s “outlook “on the world is definitely international. Its IT infrastructure is well-developed and there are direct flights to/from London, Dublin, and Manchester every 20 minutes. With such a good infrastructure, it´s easy for islanders to visit friends and family in England or other parts of Europe and easy for tourists to take a short side trip to this destination which both off-the-beaten track and accessible!

The population is a modest 85,000 and the island is very stable, both politically and economically.

The Isle of Man is known around the world for its strong financial sector which employs almost 11,000 people. E-commerce is also a strong part of the island´s economy and e-commerce companies from all over the world are able to take advantage of its very favourable terms.

Shipping and the Aircraft Registry industries are among the fastest growing industries in the country but the financial sector contributes a hefty 1/3 of the GNP.

The Isle of Man has a temperate climate with relatively cool summers and milder, wet winters. Skies are, however, often clear unlike England. However, come May and June things really hot up with the annual world championship TT Races which attract motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world! This is the ultimate “must-see” for motorsport fans as the world´s greatest racers compete on the 37.3 mile course on public roads!

The Isle of Man is focussing on new ways to develop tourism and here on , we´ll be bringing you more on this charming and unusual destination.

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