America from North to South offers incredible travel opportunities

America is understood here as the entire American continent covers North America and South America, also collectively referred to as “the New World”. The total population is just over 1 billion, of which 65 percent live in one of the three countries the USA, Brazil, and Mexico.
The largest cities in the continent are Mexico City (Mexico), New York (US), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Los Angeles (US), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), all so-called megacities with is 10 million inhabitants or more.

The topography is defined not least by the American Cordillera, a long mountain chain that literally runs Alaska and from Canada (Rocky Mountains) to Columbia in South America. The eastern side of the continent again seen north to south is dominated by large lakes and river systems such as Amazon, St. Lawrence River / Great Lakes basin, Mississippi , and La Plata .  This continent stretches stunningly 14,000 km from north to south with enormous climatic variations from tundra in northern Canada, still icy Greenland and Alaska to the tropical rain forests of Central and South America.

Matchless boogie boarder standing on the board and surfing, El Zonte beach, El Salvador, Central America

Matchless boogie boarder standing on the board and surfing, El Zonte beach, El Salvador, Central America

Who came to America first?

The first humans came here between 42,000 and 47,000 years ago. Since then, immigration came from Asia, others were the Inuit (perhaps one should believe the latest DNA research from Siberia and the surrounding area showing immigration from here), which settled in the northernmost of the continent As North Canada, Alaska and Greenland, approx. 3500 years before our timing.

The Vikings found America just before the year 1000

Long, long after the westerns arrived, not you and me personally, but rather the Vikings led by Leif Erikson, son of Erik the red, who came from Iceland and had colonized parts of Greenland. After he was not welcome in Iceland anymore, he  “strayed” to America on a  rather lengthy trip out of Greenland. This is one of the more plausible myths. And yet a  completely unimaginable feat. He must have been really not welcome at home. It probably happened just before the year 1000. And not until  500 years later, Columbus came and laid the groundwork for the concepts of “New World” and “Old World”. The Indians, America’s original inhabitants were brutally displaced, killed or got sick by the diseases that were brought from Europe that the local Indians were not resistant to, or did not know how to fight. Soon after there was room for considerable emigration from the old world. That part of the story is well known.

Rio Brazil

Rio Brazil

America as travel destination

Traveltalk covers the travel opportunities, dividing it up into North America (US; Canada and Mexico) Central America and South America .
United States, as we most often associate with the continent is a significant travel destination, especially the East Coast and New York draws, but also Florida and California are well-populated in travel statistics.
South America with Brazil , Mexico and Chile and Argentina attract many travelers who have the adventure in the blood and want to see the new world. We know Chile as the most prosperous country in South America with rich quantities of raw materials in a very beautiful country with very respected wine production.

Honduras, Roatan Cruises

Honduras, Roatan Cruises

And the continent is also the relatively narrow piece between North and South: Central America

Lost City in Santa Marta in Colombia, Travel in South America

Lost City in Santa Marta in Colombia, Travel in South America

Travel to see the most interesting places in South America

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Travel inspiration from America

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