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Jamaica has the rhythm of the Caribbean as a brand

Jamaica is synonymous with Reggae and especially Bobby Marley, who has influenced so many musicians with his iconic interpretation of this music form. The island with more than 2 million inhabitants is a wide mix of many nations and ethnic origins, but one is mostly English-speaking. You will find golden beaches, coral reefs, mountains, rainforests, rivers, and abundant wildlife, Jamaica has it all. Rich in natural resources. And then beyond that, there is a vibrating lifestyle based on the laid-back reggae culture, that spread to the whole world.
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What can you experience in Jamaica?

Are you a nature lover then it could quite certainly be “your island and playground”, with the opportunity to sign up to eg. a jungle tour with a theme like studying birdlife. Or go horseback riding along the beach or smoke in the mountains. There is just so much to experience. Divers will find intact coral reefs and much more to see underwater or rather in the water.
Sunset with beach chairs on a tropical beach in Jamaica.
For those interested in history, there are the old plantations and the opportunity to come within the big mansions from the good or not so good old days.

cruise to Jamaica

cruise to Jamaica

Where do you stay in Jamaica?

Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and Port Antoniot take on most guests on the island, but there are other options as well.
Here you will find cabins, hotels, also boutique hotels, villas, and “guesthouses”. The last is super if you want to be closer to everything at a fair price.

Montego Bay as an example has plenty of everything with golf courses, restaurants, shops and galleries.

The third largest island in the Caribbean Sea

It is an island state and the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea just south of Cuba. The area is considerably 10,990 km², of which approx. one-third is habitable. Jamaica is mountainous and the highest point is Blue Mountain Peak.

Briefly about Jamaica

Capital: Kingston

Area: 10,991 km²

Currency: Jamaican dollar

Continent: North America

Population: 2.726 million

Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Travel to Jamaica

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Jamaica from James Bond, Tom Cruise to Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt has his own now-famous restaurant in this native island:

Usain Bolt food, no wonder he got so fast

Usain Bolt food, no wonder he got so fast

Travel inspiration from Jamaica

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