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Indonesia from Djarkata to Bali

Indonesia in Southeast Asia consists of thousands of volcanic islands just like its neighbor, the Philippines. With hundreds of ethnic groups and numerous languages, not to mention some of the last original and relatively undisturbed tribes still living in the large expanses of jungle, Indonesia has, to put it mildly, a huge variety of cultural experiences to offer the visitor.

A traditional hut in an Indonesian mountain village

A traditional hut in an Indonesian mountain village

How many islands are there in Indonesia

The islands of Indonesia, also known as the Indonesian archipelago and formerly known as the Indian archipelago, may refer either to the islands comprising the nation-state of Indonesia or to the geographical groups which include its islands. According to the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, of 17,508 officially listed islands within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. THis number can easily change as it did in the Philippines. Here they found ca. 400 islands more recently putting the total way past 7000.

Nature in Indonesia

This is also true of its natural wonders: There is so much to see.  The contrast between its often pristine, white beaches and deep jungle is as striking as the amazing variety of wildlife they support – from the poisonous Komodo dragon, which can be several meters long, to the herds of wild elephants that roam freely in Sumatra.

New Kuta golf course Bali

New Kuta golf course Bali

Indonesia is one of the world´s largest countries

This enormous country is undergoing a period of rapid growth, both in terms of its economy and population which rounded the 250 million mark in 2017, making it one of the absolutely largest countries in the world. That fact alone almost makes it worth visiting. And it is gaining the attention of world travelers more and more every year.

Menjangan, Bali

Menjangan, Bali

Beautiful Bali

Bali has been attracting visitors from around the globe for many years, and once the genie is out of the bottle, having sampled their first taste of Indonesia, many are beginning to take a look at what other exciting opportunities exist to explore more of the region – choosing other Indonesian destinations such Borneo, Malang or Lombok. Anyone for rijsttafel?

Balinese spa setting, pink frangipani with aromatherapy oil

Balinese spa setting, pink frangipani with aromatherapy oil

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Useful to know about Indonesia:

Geographical location: Southeast Asia
Population: 250 million.
Capital: Djarkata

Lombok, Kuta Beach

Lombok, Kuta Beach

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