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Brazil rocks. Carnivals, rainforests, and samba!

Head for Brazil on your next vacation, and immerse yourself in the warm and wonderful culture of this immense country, along with 200 million of its people!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From the tropical jungles of the Amazon in the north to the country´s capital of Brasilia in the center, from the sunny east coast to the southern, pulsating cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, this enormous South American country vibrates with life. A wealth of amazing travel experiences await you whether you are looking to party, want to explore the Brazilian´s culture, want to chill out on a beautiful beach or lose yourself in the beauty of its breath-taking scenery. Brazil will capture your heart.

Carnival 2014 Rio de Janeiro. Sambodromo

The country´s northern region is dominated by tropical rainforest; the Amazon, home to a large variety of wildlife, exotic species of plants and the River Amazon, the world´s largest river in terms of water volume. 1,400 km inland on the banks of the Amazon, in the middle of the Amazonian rain forest is the city of Manaus, accessible only by boat or plane. But this huge “jungle” city of almost 2 million inhabitants is certainly worth a visit. Rubber made it rich in the late 1800´s and wealthy Europeans settled bringing with them European art, architecture and culture, giving Manaus its nickname of “The Paris of the East”.

If it´s parties and buzzing beach life you´re looking for, Salvador on the coast is the place to head for on your trip to Brazil. This beautiful city with its Upper and Lower town and elegant, Portuguese architecture, is the backdrop to the world´s largest carnival when the streets fill with happy revellers,”dance trucks”, lights and music. It´s one big street party – and everybody´s welcome! Beach-lovers should head to Porto da Barra – voted one of the best beaches in the world.

What to eat in Brazil

Sample exciting national dishes such as Arroz com pequi, a savoury rice dish flavoured with the colourful, yellow pequi fruit, or Salgadinhos, small snacks with a savoury filling, in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, which was designed by the Brazilian architect and town planner, Lucio Costa.

Visit Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro

Make sure to save time for Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro in the southern, flatter region of the country if you can. Prepare to be impressed by the art deco Redento Statue of Christ the Redeemer, 30 m. high with an arm span of 28 m, and which towers, with outstretched arms, at the peak of Mt. Corcovado, 700 metres above the city of Rio De Janeiro, a symbol of Christianity that is recognized throughout the world.

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