Swastik India Journeys

Swastik India Journeys

Swastik India Journeys is a dedicated travel agency in India offering an array of high quality services with first-hand knowledge on India tours. We are offering a spectacular range of India Tours including Rajasthan tours, Kerala tours, private north India tours. With our personalized approach we make the tours a real value for money . Our customized services and tailored tours promise for the best travel experience in the Incredible India. From magnificent backwaters of Kerala to the Holy Ganges River, from the impressive forts and monuments of Rajasthan to the stunning architecture of Taj Mahal, you will discover many more outstanding views and attractions with us. Our strong network and highly experienced professionals help you experience the diverse country and create lifetime memories on your mind.

The story of Swastik India Journeys

Our lucrative India tour packages help you to explore the incredible land with specific interests and desires. Brimming with exceptional luxury and comfort, the tour packages are nicely designed and facilitated by our esteem travel experts who are working in this industry from many years & have gained knowledge by visiting the destinations personally. We give priority to your choice and customize packages as per your needs which make the tour the most memorable and relaxed one that you will cherish throughout your life. Travelers who love to explore the way local Indian live and want to examine certain things during the tour, a fully equipped tour package is should be the choice. Our India tour package can satisfy the travel needs of the passionate nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts and provide so much to explore.

The Meaning of Swastik

Swastik symbol has a lot of relevance for people in India. Though Swastik sign is adopted by people of all religions, it is especially popular amongst the Hindus. The term Swastik has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Svastika”, which means well being. Swastik is considered to be a mark of auspiciousness and good fortune. The symbol of Swastik is considered to be highly auspicious and thus it is quite often used in the art and architecture of Hindus. It finds a special place for itself in the wedding decorations. Swastik designs can be found in temples, doorways, clothing, cars etc. Most of the wedding cards have the Swastik symbol imprinted on them.

Why Swastik India Journeys?

We are one of the leading Tour Operators of India providing the best packages for India. With personalized service, our business model is largely based on attention to detail, honesty and integrity. Making our guests the top priority, we choose the finest hotels and restaurants that give much satisfaction, comfort and relief. Our extraordinary services are integrated with great values. Our Service is All Inclusive. To make the journey even easy going and comfortable, there are English speaking guides and tour escorts to aid in each step of your India trip. With our well trained and expert drivers, we will provide you comfort along with safety during sightseeing. Our service is high class, and this is perhaps the best reason why travelers around the world return to us every time they visit India with their friends and family. At Swastik India Journeys, we promise for a lifetime vacation.

The Swastik India Journeys Difference

We will take you to the ancient traditions, hills and backwaters, coffee plantations and numerous historic places.

We look forward to provide you the best service, give you right guidance to enjoy various festivals, wonders and exciting journeys. Our customized service will make you repeat fascinating India trip every year. We have kept buckets of pleasant memories that you are going to create on the land of Incredible India.

We warmly welcome you to venture India and discover its hidden treasures with Swastik India Journeys.

Swastik India Journeys

Travel to India, a country of impressive diversity

Travel to India, a country of impressive diversity


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