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Classic journeys – exactly what it is

Classic Journeys handcrafts cultural walking adventures. That was the niche area the founder of Classic Journeys saw several decades ago and has pursued ever since. While based in La Jolla, California, they send travelers far and wide, across all regions of the planet. Swimming with warm-water penguins in the Galapagos, journeying to the remains of Machu Pichu in Peru or hanging out with indigenous rainforest tribes in Panama; Classic Journeys can provide travelers with these delights with a unique local touch.

Galapagos giant tortoise

Galapagos giant tortoise

While the most prolific part of the DNA is cultural walking adventures, Classic Journeys also ventures into other types of travels. It is quite possible to focus on the culinary aspects of one’s destination. Indulge in the secrets of Provence’s cuisine. Taste the fresh olive oil from the mills in Tuscany. Sip the Chianti at a 15 th century castle on the coast of Amalfi. Whatever your heart or taste buds desire in the culinary department, there should be a destination to capture your imagination in the Classic Journeys portfolio. Apart from the kitchen-leaning experiences, the sporty traveler may indulge in various sports-related activities during their vacation, such as zip-lining and white-water rafting.

The classic way to Cuba

Classic Journeys also has an affinity for Cuba.

cuba classic car
In 2003, the agency worked with the American authorities to legally send Americans to Cuba for weekend trips. After the travel ban to Cuba was lifted, Classic Journeys stood as one of the travel world’s most recognizable cultural experts of everything Cuban, including how to spend a vacation there that one will not soon forget. If you wish to explore the magical capital of Havana or chill at the beaches of Varadero, Classic Journeys is there to ensure that you make the most of it. Trips to the Bay of Pigs can also be arranged, and while the name does not ring with much charm, we assure you that there are plenty of thrilling stories to be told there if you are interested in the history of the Cuban people.

Cultural + trekking tour to Cuba

Whether it is the food, the history of one of the many countries in the portfolio or the opportunity to get some exercise in around the world, make sure to check out Classic Journey’s exciting offerings.

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