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Fiji Islands are hundreds of tropical star sparkling moments

Fiji Islands is one of the great travel experiences in the middle of the Pacific. “Fiji” is full of tropical dreams and an authentic travel experience that should be tried at least once.

Fiji Islands is actually is a country located in Melanesia, which again is in Oceania in the South Pacific, about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. The country consists of 9 larger islands as well as 300 smaller islands and atolls of volcanic or coral origin. Only 100 of all islands are inhabited. The archipelago is located in Melanesia between Vanuatu in the west and Tonga in the east, about 5 degrees north of the Capricorn turnaround. The largest islands of Fiji (which are predominantly of volcanic origin) are Viti Levu (where the capital is located) and Vanua Levu. The landscape is generally mountainous. The climate is tropical rainy, albeit moderated by the influence of the sea and the fertile soil of the lowlands enables the cultivation of sugar cane and copra.

We regularly write personal articles from Fiji, also about neighboring islands and how you can “jump” from island to from the smallest uninhabited islands to Fiji itself.

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The following countries are usually included as part of this vast area:

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