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Few destinations in Africa can compare to Tanzania´s natural kingdom

Very few travel destinations can match the sheer scope of Tanzania’s natural kingdom of wild animals, cultural experiences, and sweeping landscapes that stretch all the way from the great inland plains of the savannah to the long, sweeping coast. The classic safari destination is, of course, the Serengeti, but there is also so much more to discover – so much to awaken your curiosity. So be prepared for Africa to bombard your senses!

And that is really true. Tanzania will bombard your senses with new and unforgettable images and sensations every single day. To take just one example, an amazing Tanzanian experience that will leave a huge impression on you forever is chimpanzee trekking – accompanying the researchers into the chimpanzees’ natural habitat where you will get up close and personal with the creatures who most closely resemble us! You can enjoy this unique experience in the rain forests of Mahale and Gombe.

Karen Blixen and Tanzania

This country borders on”Karen Blixen territory” (her farm was in Kenya), and Kilomanjaro´s snow-capped peak adds the final perfect touch to the timeless savannah landscape. Here, you will appreciate just how beautiful and magnificent East Africa really is. Nothing compares to the view you will have of it from the heart of the vast Serengeti Plains – Africa´s endless and iconic national park.

zanzibar strandeZanzibar´s broad beaches

Let´s not forget Tarangire and the Ngorongoro Crater (or the “Garden of Eden”) – another experience you mustn´t miss when you have come this far. This is also your chance to see “The Big Five” in their natural surroundings. Or how about the stunning beaches and coral reefs of Zanzibar, an archipelago of 2 large and many small islands 25-50 km. off the coast of the mainland. The entire tropical coastline is worth visiting.

Zanzibar holidays in a beach paradise in Africa

Tanzania´s facinating history

Tanzania is one of the oldest countries that ever existed. You can feel its rich history while having a vacation in there. Its coastline, the Swahili Coast, was a witness of the trading that happened between the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East: spices, jewel, and slaves. All these cultures brought by the trading and the exchanges that happened in the past still remain today which make your Tanzania vacation more wonderful and unforgettable.

Tanzania today is a democratic federal republic located on the east coast of Africa. The republic was founded in 1964 when Tanganyika and Zanzibar were united under a common constitution. Tanzania is bordered by Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, as well as The Indian Ocean.

From German and British occupation to independence

From the1880’s until 1919, Tanganyika (the mainland) was a German colony under German East Africa. After the Germans were defeated in the First World War, the region was handed over to Great Britain under whose rule it remained until it gained independence in 1961.
Today, the capital of Tanzania is Dodoma, but Dar- es-Salaam is still the most important city in the country.

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