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Ireland – the greenest isle on earth

Ireland is known as the emerald isle and is the third-largest island in Europe. Situated in the north-western corner of Europe, it is a neighbor to England, but has been divided into two since 1921 when The Republic of Ireland (about five-sixths of the island) gained its independence after many turbulent years, leaving Northern Ireland to remain under Great Britain. As a travel destination, it has plenty to offer: a mild climate (the reason why it is so green!), stunning coastal stretches, and plenty to see and do. It lives up to all the positive clichés you´ve heard about it…the best golf courses, best oysters, best singers, best pubs, and best touring holidays – and that´s no blarney! Oh and don´t forget the Guinness!

Two great cities, one of the world´s best road trips, 1000 years of history, and legends.

Distances are relatively short so why not combine both north and south while you are there as both have so much to offer and each is quite unique. One of the world´s best road trips stretches from Belfast to Londonderry along the Causeway Coastal Route through fishing villages, along cliff tops and through valleys where time has stood still. The Giant´s Causeway and Gobbins Cliff Path, craggy headlands and lighthouses – a landscape that may be familiar to fans of the hugely successful film series “Game of Thrones”. The island was inhabited by Celts 400 years before Christ, before the arrival of the Vikings who were finally repelled in 1014 by King Brian Boru. If history is your thing, you will find it around every corner. Today, both Belfast in the north (Northern Ireland which is British) and Dublin in the south (Republic of Ireland) are buzzing, lively cities on a scale that makes them easy to explore on foot. Belfast´s dazzling Titanic Belfast experience, 9 multimedia galleries that portray the city´s shipbuilding industry on the site where the Titanic herself was built, was voted the World´s Leading Tourist Attraction by World Travel Awards. Dublin, founded by the Vikings 1000 years ago, with its gracious Georgian streets, monuments, and Trinity College is a UNESCO City of Literature. Its pubs, filled with laughter, chatter and characters are just as well-known as its bookshops for being the place to unwind after a day spent exploring its literary heritage.

Ring of Kerry landscape Ireland,

Ring of Kerry landscape

Quick facts

Ireland (Republic of Ireland) is a country in north-western Europe.
Capital: Dublin
Currency: Euro
Population: 4,773 million (2016)

the island golf club Ireland

the island golf club Ireland

Golfing in Ireland

Golf in Ireland, check out the top course + videos.

Beautiful scenic rural landscape from Ring Kerry, Ireland

Beautiful scenic rural landscape from Ring Kerry, Ireland

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In 2021 will feature much more on the country, its history and attractions, pubs, golf, gastronomy, touring routes and travel tips. We will feature an introduction to the 10 best golf courses as well as the K Club just outside Dublin. It is known for its high standards of quality and atmosphere – a destination not to be missed.

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Golf in Ireland, famous courses, great golf.

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The greenest island in Europa

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Northern Ireland, a tour of the perhaps most dramatic nature

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See also the Isle of Man, its charming little neighbor.

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