Asia Transpacific Journeys (ATJ)

Asia Transpacific Journeys (ATJ)

Asia Transpacific Journeys begin here. When it comes to crafting tours encompassing the magic and mystery of East Asia and Oceania. There may be no tour operators as experienced and talented as the team behind ATJ. From Taj Mahal and the Hindu temples of India, through the mountains of Tibet and Nepal, across the sandy beaches of Thailand all the way to the lush jungles of Vietnam, ATJ has their finger on the pulse in each of these endearing locations. ATJ favors deep local knowledge and expertise and intimacy over larger unwieldy trips and groups, which is why their group trips have a maximum size of 18 people. Creating the atmosphere of a tight-knit group of friends or a family, ATJ delivers the top professional levels of service and knowledge of your destination of choice wrapped in the welcoming spirit of a trusted friend.

Asia Transpacific Journeys has made all their packaged trips accessible for browsing through their trip finder, which allows you to search for just the right combination of activity, rest and luxury you need. The Path of the Nomad tour to Mongolia and the Passage to Indochina in Vietnam are just some of the offerings that ATJ lets you explore for finding inspiration to your next travel fix. In addition to visiting historic and culturally significant location all across Asia, ATJ also arranges access to a wide range of festivals, such as the Sing Sing-Festival in Papua New Guinea, the Kandy Esala Perahera Festival in Sri Lanka and the Uthralikavu Pooram Festival in Kerala, India. These festivals give you the opportunity to utterly immerse yourself in the local culture and celebrate with the natives in accordance with long-standing cultural traditions.

Unforgettable Asian travel experiences

We all process experiences differently, and the art of creating an unforgettable experience is just that: an art. Yet, Asia Transpacific Journeys appears to have taken that art, studied it and packaged it in a way that ensures customers are returning home satisfied and enriched. This has earned Asia Transpacific Journeys many accolades within the travel community, including making the list of the top tour operators globally by Travel + Leisure magazine as well as Travel Weekly’s Magellan Award. At any rate, ATJ’s accolades speak for themselves, and the tour operator continues to look for new ways to up their game even further. Visit their website to see for yourself if the team at Asia Transpacific Journeys is your next travel partner.

The Asia Transpacific Journeys charity fond

When Cyclone Nargis hit Burma in May 2008, killing an estimated 140,000 people and devastating the Irrawaddy Delta, the Asia Transpacific Foundation helped survivors with giving them access to pure drinking water via simple clay filters. The foundation’s response, which saved many lives, was an outgrowth of its campaign to teach locals in northern Thailand and Burma how to make these filters, providing them with both clean water and a source of income. The foundation now operates four water-filter factories and has brought better hygiene and sanitation to some 450,000 people in Burma alone.

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