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Hungary has become a popular destination in recent years, with the capital, Budapest, attracting the majority of visitors.

Hungary, lush landscape

Hungary, lush landscape

It is a Central European EU country with plenty of neighbors (6) and no coastline. To the north is Slovakia, to the west: Austria (with whom it has a long history in common), with Slovenia and Croatia to the south-west. And the last two neighbors are Rumania to the east and Ukraine to the north-east. The country has cold winters and very hot summers – a typical inland climate, in other words.  So now we´ve got that out of the way, let´s take a closer look.

Hungary, history  and nature

We probably think of Hungary as a proud nation with a somewhat difficult language and a history that started a long time ago and involved warriors on horseback (not least of all, during the long wars with the Ottoman Empire in the 1600´s), when the kingdom was fought over from the backs of these noble beasts. And that´s not far off the mark, for Hungarian horses are still highly- prized today. The country also has some beautiful scenery. As well as the wide-open plains we imagine (incl. Hortobágy), there are low mountain ranges, rivers and large lakes (Belaton, to name just one, is the largest lake in Europe), and beautiful, fertile farmland that is used, among other things, for growing vines for wine production and raising bees for the thriving honey industry. Travelers can visit the many exceptionally charming country villages and explore what the country has to offer in their own vehicles or a rental car.

Hungary is the 15th most visited country in the world

There are several good reasons why Hungary is the 15th most visited country in the world. We´ve touched very briefly on just some of them in this quick intro, but we´d also just like to add that this country is also reckoned to be one of the most beautiful in the world. This is borne out by the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are listed under this country, as well as UNESCO Biosphere Reserves- areas where man and the environment interact closely as they work towards creating harmonious and sustainable development with respect for cultural values and climate change. Another interesting spot is Lake Hévíz with its natural hot springs and mud baths. At 47,500 sq. metres, this is the largest thermal lake in the world, and the water is completely replenished every 72 hours! This area has a thriving health tourism industry.

See the famous the Esztergom Basilica

For history-lovers, there are plenty of world-class attractions to visit including the largest synagogue in Europe and the third largest church in Europe (the Esztergom Basilica), to name just two.

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