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Looking for an active vacation?

Traveltalk features active vacation opportunities and travel advice for vacation goers who want to do sports and activities for their leisure. You may want to practice and improve your skills in sports like cycling & running or experience unique and exciting activities such as surfing and mountain climbing.

There are also new adventure sports that are considered new concepts such as “extreme sports” and more.

An adventure and active vacation rarely involve being inside a badminton hall or swimming pool with little “risk” of fresh air and sunshine. Most of the time, your skill and training is a must when engaging in outdoor adventure sports.

In Adventure Sports you go for the unusual and not completely harmless to get adrenaline kick and extraordinary experience. Like any organized sport you’ve played, your skill, concentration, and experience along with the choice of a realistic challenge (sometimes also with a good team) are factors to consider when choosing an adventure vacation.

It’s a fantastic way to travel including self-development and knowing yourself deeper, and your boundaries are realized while new ambitions are realized along the way. This is a travel experience that is always on the retina.

Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii

It’s a vacation suited for an active lifestyle

Here are some examples of adventure sports as a travel form. How about mountain biking on top of the Dolomites in Italy? Diving in caves in Mexico? Or trekking in Nepal. There are also popular destinations for water sports which is becoming a global trend as more and more people crave splashes of water and air at adrenaline-pumping speed. These are activities that challenge both your physical and mental state.

There are different sections for surfing (traditional), windsurfing, kite surfing, and other variations of water sports. It all falls under the active holiday category but it takes a lot of skill which takes time to learn and master.

windsurfing the Garda Lake

Windsurfing the Garda Lake

Active vacation on Lake Garda in Italy?

Here’s an adventure vacation category,  we’d like to share. It’s usually a good idea to travel all the way to Klitmøller in Thy, or in Lake Garda because it’s where the wind comes from. In Lake Garda, the Peler wind comes strong in the morning starting at 9:00 up to noon. The slightly gentler but long-lasting Ora is best at Torbole at 12:00. Here it’s all about surfing. This is, where the experienced boys and girls travel to catch the best waves. There are only a few days a year at a certain place during the different seasons in southern New Zealand, usually miles away from each other. The ultimate challenge is always different for adventure sports, but the high you get out of it is the same reason that keeps you searching for more.

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That’s why it is a challenge for the Traveltalk team to provide accurate and updated reports regarding these active holiday destinations around the world. We rely on different sources and not just one, ranging from personal blogs to popular news outlets and expert predictions.

Burmiweg_Breitach- Kleinwalsertal

Burmiweg_Breitach- Kleinwalsertal

Austria has perfected the “active vacation” experience.

The Kleinwalsertal is one of the many places in Austria that truly delivers a great experience where sport, nature, and health promises to take you to a world of endless possibilities. Hiking in the mountains of Kleinwalsertalk is very popular.

We hope to see you on an active vacation soon! Stay tuned for more updates!

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