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Spain is the sunny side of Europe

According to the World Economic Forum, in 2017 global leaders in the travel and tourism industry voted this huge country the best in the world in a number of categories. In total, over 68 million tourists from all over the world visited this country that year, so Spain must be doing something right! The report awarded Spain the highest marks attainable for culture and cultural heritage. Its restaurants, entertainment, nightlife, and attractions also scored highly, too.

Spain´s size is matched only by the variety it offers

Remember that Spain is huge, not only in terms of size but also in the sheer variety its regions offer: stretching from Barcelona in the north to Gibraltar in the south. From the Costa del Sol in the very southernmost area of Spain, you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada, home to some of the world´s most attractive ski resorts. They are just a few hours’ drives away. There is, you must admit, something fascinating about sitting over a cup of coffee in 20C-degree temperatures in January on a seafront along the Sunshine Coast, chilling out to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore. It can only be good for you – both body and soul.

Just a few hours later, you could be whooshing down a black slope in the Sierra Nevada, feeling the adrenalin rush through your veins in a healthy way! Few countries can match what Spain has to offer.

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