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The Seychelles

The Seychelles group of islands, off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, is an isolated tropical region. This collection of 115 islands is home to some of the rarest wildlife in the world. Unlike many other island groups in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is large enough to accommodate a healthy population. Since some islands are quite far apart, their movements are made by small planes, ferries or helicopters. If seeing nature is the goal, private helicopter transport between the islands is breathtaking.

Seychelles beach and wooden pier

Seychelles beach and wooden pier

Victoria Island

On the capital, Victoria Island, there are cultural arts and crafts markets, museums detailing the region’s rich French culture, five-star restaurants offering exquisite local cuisine and even a golf course. Many hotels and resorts in Seychelles are interesting destinations in themselves. On some of the smaller islands, it is possible to schedule a local guide for a hike or boat trip around the island. During these nature excursions, a glimpse of the rare giant tortoise is not uncommon. In addition, the islands are characterized by lush green jungle populated by local birds, such as the glamorous glamor of Seychelles. In fact, the Judeo-Christian Garden of Eden would be located in the Mai Valley on Praslin Island. Be sure to visit this beautiful place. The protection of wildlife as a natural resource is so important to the culture of these islands that many have been designated as conservatories and wildlife refuges.

Grilled fresh seafood in local market, Mahé - Seychelles Island

Grilled fresh seafood in local market, Mahé – Seychelles Island

Enjoy the Indian Ocean

For more adventurous holidays, there are many high-impact activities. Most of these islands are made from the natural upheaval of coral reefs; the surrounding waters are full of reef fish and beautiful live corals. This environment offers an ideal location for divers and snorkellers. Many resorts offer diving courses and equipment rentals to immerse yourself in this natural wonder. To enjoy more of the Indian Ocean at its best, windsurfing and para are available to rent in many hotels and resorts in Seychelles. In addition, if the navigation interests you, there is a yacht club on the capital, and many resorts have sailboats to rent by the hour. Navigating the beautiful clear waters and the gentle breeze that surrounds these magnificent islands is a unique opportunity.

Seychelles, Constance Ephelia Resort - Outdoor Pool

Seychelles, Constance Ephelia Resort – Outdoor Pool

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