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Uganda. A few facts about the country

Uganda is an inland state in eastern Central Africa. To the southeast, the country borders Lake Victoria, with Kenya to the East and southern Sudan to the north. Towards the west is The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, and finally Tanzania to the south.

The climate is tropical but is not as hot in the lower-lying areas. The country is lush and fertile and harvesting is carried out up to 7 times a year.

The country has not escaped internal conflicts; roads can be flooded from time to time as most of the bare gravel roads erode easily during heavy rainfall.

Stay up-to- date on the latest travel bulletins and advice from sources on the internet including those issued by your own country´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and travel insurance providers. But having said all that, we´d also like to add that the vacation experience that awaits you is truly amazing. Most of us have only been lucky enough to see the fantastic mountain gorillas on TV. They alone make this trip worthwhile for those who dare, who take sensible precautions, and travel with a reputable tour operator.

Extreme sports in Uganda. Riverrafting og Bungy jump i Nilen in Jinja Uganda

Extreme sports in Uganda. River rafting and Bungy jumping in the Nile, Jinja, Uganda

Uganda with Traveltalk: River rafting in the Nile

Read more about first-hand accounts of river rafting and bungee jumping in Uganda. Only relatively few can lay claim to this!

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