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Health & fitness as a part of your next vacation?

Health & fitness can easily be a part of your next vacation. All it takes is a bit of searching for the places, that provide your flavor of exercise. It’s nice to recharge physically as well as mentally during a vacation, perhaps by getting a little spoiled without renouncing the joy of travel life such as good food, wine, partying, seeing the sights. On the contrary. Spoil yourself a little or a lot.
Ingredients could be massages, work-out, yoga, delicious juices, and healthy food, running on the beach and much more. We call it health and fitness as a travel interest. Train with your spouse, good friends or children or alone down at the beach in the morning. Go to a tai-chi or yoga class in a resort. Is it all about your wellness. Only you decide, what makes you happy.

We collect travel tips and inspiration here on health & fitness as a travel interest, that deal with the perhaps most important part of “vacation”: To take care of yourself and come home happier. Here with a special focus on destinations that offer mental and physical well-being.

Where can you go for maybe yoga or tai-chi, and the perfect retreat?

There are more and more wellness vacations that include yoga, mindfulness, pilates and/or tai-chi and so also Chiqong or similar courses and learning, blended with being at a beautiful place with typically healthy food and beautiful scenery. This kind of travel concept provides the perhaps healthiest journey for body and soul you’ve ever taken.

The most ambitious is perhaps the journey to India to seek out and practice yoga.

Yoga can be combined in so many ways:
– on a retreat, eg in India
– on nature and adventure trip
– with a private teacher
– on a cruise

Yoga Meditation ved solopgang direkte på stranden

Yoga Meditation at sunrise right on the beach

Yoga and retreats as a destination for your trip

Looking at whether there is a pattern in where to travel to get a good yoga travel experience is the answer “anywhere”. It is in Denmark. It is southern Sweden and it is Greece and it is Goa. It is in Canada or England.
Perhaps you should be aware of the type of yoga taught: If you are into Hatha yoga and are taught something completely different, it may be a new experience, but may not achieve your goal of immersion in your “style “And even disturbing to your learning. “Yoga” is not just a style. It’s a big world with a variety of schools, including the new smart fitness center variants, which often have nothing to do with the matter, but still, provide exercise. In addition, should you consider the seriousness of your journey towards better health in relation to your wishes?

Here are some travel tips, where you combine health and travel, mind and body in a mindful way.

Nova Scotia, Canada amazing yoga retreat.

På yoga ophold i Nova Scotia i det østlige uberørte Canada

On yoga stays in Nova Scotia in eastern untouched Canada

Go to Nova Scotia Retreat

Yoga retreats - der strækker rigtigt langt og dybt

Yoga retreats from Greece to ski holidays stretch really far and deep

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