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The island will show you that mesmerizing dream island with turquoise tranquil waters, classy beach resorts, incredible shopping options, and a unique local culture.
Positioned off the shore of Africa in an immense coral reef, the island is a rather untouched vacation destination. Even though the Portuguese discovered the Island, the first to inhabit the island were the Dutch in 1598. The French then seized power of Mauritius Island till 1810, while the British expelled them.

mauritius lagoon

Is Mauritius the most cosmopolitan island under the sun?

This island´s vacation offers also offer an astonishing merge of customs and landmarks to the visitors. No wonder:
With the varied display of cultures – Indian, French, English, African, Creole and Asian, it is simple to make out why Mauritius is often called “the most cosmopolitan island under the sun.” A Mauritian island vacation is truly a classy and cosmopolitan vacation for any visitor.

English is the official tongue, even if the locals converse in French and Creole among themselves. For those who yearn for trips filled with serenity, harmony, and in an elegant and graceful milieu, Mauritius island vacation is one of the best, most stylish and classy places to go for. Mauritius vacation can be a wonderful occasion where one can relax or explore the charismatic environments in a tranquil manner. You can make the Mauritius island vacation easier by dividing your trip into two, a north Mauritian island vacation and south island vacation.

Mauritius turtles

Mauritius turtles

North Mauritius

The north Mauritian island vacation will let you explore the northern part of the island, expediting Port Louis (the stunning and busy capital of Mauritius) and the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden where you can see the wonderful exotic flora of the atoll comprising the famed giant water lilies. The north Mauritian island vacation lets you have an undersea walk in Grand Baie to explore the exotic marine flora and fauna.
Surfing South Mauritius will be a great experience for any visitor. In the South Mauritius Island vacation, you can see Troux Aux Cerf (a huge natural volcanic cave). Other attractions in the course of the South Mauritius island vacation include viewing the enchanting surroundings of Grand Basin, a holy lake veiled high in the isle peaks, visiting a range of temples, the magnificent Chamarel waterfalls, and the seven-colored earth. (This is a captivating natural occurrence resultant of a volcanic eruption). You can also enjoy the wonderful sight of the black river chasm.
If you are a water sports lover, then Mauritius island vacation got a lot to proffer you. Do remember to stop over at the waterfront for a short boat trip to the wonderful virgin isle of Ile aux Cerf. You are free to experience an array of water sports and surfing such as parasailing, banana boat, speedboat, etc.
At the course of your Mauritius vacation spend a little time to visit the Domaine Les Pailles (a reconstructed parish) where you can revive the old ways of living in a setting, surrounded by nature. You can explore this beautiful island on your own and relax. To stay in your Mauritius Island vacation, an ample display of hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and private apartments are available in that beautiful land. As this beautiful land is surrounded by sea, don’t miss the seafood, prawn oysters, fish and shrimps served with sauce rouge or the red sauce in your Mauritius island vacation.

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