The year 2010 marked the beginning of a journey of creation of the company Nattrip. Accessibility to ecotourism and adventure tourism was restricted, especially in Rio de Janeiro. There were still severe restrictions of public use to the existing Conservation Units, which went some way against what the world was experiencing. While other countries created policies to increase protected area visitation in an attempt to increase preservation, using the “understand to protect” approach, Brazil believed that prohibiting access was the best way to protect.

Thanks to the work of some conservation, tourism and sports entities, as well as some spheres of public power, this premise has gradually changed, giving space to a greater offer of experiences in the natural environment. We understand that people, whether tourists or residents, needed tours and specialized services to practice the activities that these places provide. This is to promote a healthy life and generate environmental knowledge by insertion into the environment, creating a basis for environmental sustainability, responsibility, mutual conviviality, and protection.

That’s when we decided to create a company specialized in the eco-adventure segment, which could promote the sector with responsibility. A form of entertainment that creates environmental education by osmosis. However, the mission of Nattrip was beyond just being a company that provides nature and adventure tours.

Purple sunset over the brazilian rainforest in the Amazon region

Purple sunset over the brazilian rainforest in the Amazon region

Nattrip is the travel expert for Brazil

We design the Nattrips performance in all aspects of tourism in Brazil, aiming to be a national reference, which can translate into quality assurance. Today Nattrip is one of the main agencies and operators of receptive tourism in Rio de Janeiro, a respected adventure operator in Brazil, and has been showing all its power in the corporate, educational and travel segments.

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