Diving vacation

Diving Vacation Worldwide: Palawan, Australia, Belize, Cozumel, Honduras

Diving vacation has become an extremely popular vacation choice from England to Egypt, from America to Australia as an active vacation concept or family interest or all-embracing hobby. “Diving vacation” defines a hobby or sport that provides amazing travel experiences in closeness with nature. Here we will gather travel inspiration and tips and stories about “diving vacation” from near and far.

Why divers are a little “special” in the cool way?

Just look through this intro, if your boyfriend or hubby dives :) Perhaps it’s you?


What do I want from my diving vacation?

There are two basic ways to travel on a diving vacation. One is to travel to a suitable coastal destination. The other to travel to a diving destination and aboard a dive boat, also called Liveaboards or Diving safaris.

Another distinction is whether you want to acquire a diving certificate in a hot and beautiful country or already have a certificate and just want to dive or you want to upgrade yourself as a diver with more courses and certificates. In any event, it may affect which destinations are considered or not.

You can also have a diving goal you will check in your log: Great Barrier Reef or Belize with the world second-most coral reef.

You could also be more extreme diving, and again the possibilities vary a lot. Gambling in Mexico or ice diving near the North Pole? The advanced divers have other requirements and wishes.

Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia, Helmet Diving

Scuba diving around the world and in every way

In principle, you can dive really many places in many countries no matter what, so here is a list we will continuously dive into and expand and suggest destinations for your diving holiday.

Australia (Great Barrier Reef et al.)
Belize (with the world’s second-largest coral reef)
British Virgin Islands
Cocos Islands (Pacific Ocean)
Mexico (Cozumel)
Philippines (Palawan et al.)

The list is much longer but we should start somewhere.

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