The Dark Cave in Vietnam

The Dark Cave in Vietnam, an irresistible challenge

Unsure of what we actually said yes in Vietnam, we are joining a couple of Israelis we met over breakfast, off to The Dark Cave. We have rented a moped and drive through the national park towards the cave, which is the big attraction. The walk around the park is wonderfully beautiful. There are rice fields as far as the eye can see, only interrupted by rocks that dramatically shoot up the ground. But that’s not why we’re right now.

400 meters ziplining over the river first, and then we swim into the cave

We arrive and receive our gear and a helmet each. After an introductory movie about how to safely get into the cave, we are ready for the next step: 400 meters of ziplining across the river to the cave opening. It actually goes easier than expected. We even manage to enjoy the view and the experience. The cable car part is over and we now have to swim the last part into the cave before moving on on foot. The tourist-friendly wooden bridge that leads us all the way into the cave is very short, and the whole group of six stares disbelief as our guide points to a crack in the wall, explaining that this is where the tour starts. And that is now, we have to turn on our headlamp. I volunteer to go ahead into the black nothing. The air quickly gets colder and cluttered, and the heart is hammering a little faster as we move forward.

dark cave vietnam 2

We are floating weightlessly in mud to the chest and it dawns on us gradually: we are in for more and more mud! First to the ankles, then to the knees and later to the chest or higher. And suddenly there are six happy tourists deep inside a cave in Vietnam and trying to get to know this new feeling. The feeling is that one can only lift the legs from the ground, but the body remains. The feeling of the mud is like a thick bag around the whole body. The feeling of the best chair ever to sit in and the strange feeling of not being able to reach the bottom again, because the mud is so thick that it is impossible. You are mud flowing. Here you also get the opportunity to turn off your headlamp and enjoy the weightlessness in absolute darkness.

Team building in Vietnam for a unique experience

The best possible teambuilding trip in far-away Vietnam is reaching its end. On the way out, we have six to each other unknown people having a clear sense of community. We laugh every time one slide in the mud, or it makes funny sounds and we help each other out. Now we just have to paddle back to the starting point in our kayaks. Then we can enjoy the fantastic views from the scooter on the way back to the hotel.

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