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Jordan  has the world´s 7th wonder

Jordan is mostly desert – but a wonderful, varied desert. There are the dramatic red sandy landscapes and high sand cliffs to the south, while eastwards you experience endless basalt plains. To the north, we find lush hills filled with olive trees. In the middle of the country, there are wheat fields. Jordan lacks water to a significant extent. Particularly in the summer, the lack of water is significant, although the inhabitants use a fraction of what we normally use. Due to the lack of water and the high summer temperatures, Jordan is best to visit in April, May and September and October.

Visit Jordan’s World Wonder Petra

Jordan’s best-known tourist destination is the rocky town of Petra – as you might know from the legendary adventure movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. The city was carved out of the beautiful pink rocks more than 2000 years ago and is today protected with status as one of the seven new wonders of the world. The trip to the city goes through a two-kilometer-long narrow gorge, the Siq, and it is like walking through a sculpture that is constantly changing.

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