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Silver Tray delivers superior train rides around the world.

You’re passionate about rail travel? So is Silver Tray.

This travel agency loves trains, And as a dedicated railroad enthusiast, they are amazed at how difficult it can be for a tourist to plan and book their European rail experience. Silver Tray wants to simplify the process so that people can focus on planning and enjoying their trip.

Instead of finding tours on your own, they decided to provide hand-picked tours that will make the process much easier and less of a hassle. With these easy-to-do travel packages, you’ll see how exciting train travel can be!

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Vacations by train from New Zealand to Norway. Vacations by train are in many ways the opposite of traveling by plane, which might be convenient but there’s nothing more charming than a long train journey through beautiful landscapes. Train rides allow you to embrace the beauty of slow travel and they are also one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport.

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See Isle of Man from a train ride

Take the steam train on the green Isle of Man

Train rides from around the world

Vacations by train from New Zealand to Norway

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