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Restaurants in Singapore: Recommended dining and drinking spots

Restaurants in Singapore are about the ever-evolving food scene. Singapore is known for it’s countless and extraordinary culinary experiences. With so many options in a limited amount of time, we came up with 3 dining spots that really stand out. Here are our picks for some of the best dining and drinking spots in Singapore.

Here is an appetizer from amazing The Singaporean food scene, that will stimulate your appetite. Look at that Black Angus steak 🙂

Les Amis

Les Amis is one of the top restaurants in Singapore, that we recommend you put on the short list if you want to eat very well while in Singapore. It has a long list of “best everything prizes” thing and accolades to prove the claim. Michelin has sent 2 big shiny stars their way also in 2018 and before that a long steady sprinkle of Michelin love.

Also in 2018. It is a well-established restaurant from 1994 in exquisite and elegant surroundings. You know you are in the best hands from opening the door to the restaurant, and you also see that it hardly gets cheap either. The theme is classic French food in a modern Asian interpretation, mostly Japanese inspired. If you like really good wine, then you will easily with the help of the sommelier find quite a bottle of wine or two that will please your palate, chosen from never less than 2000 bottles. One tip: Try the homemade pasta with large Japanese shrimp with bites and generous strips of black Perigord truffles.Les-Amis singapore, pasta

wine or two that will please your palate, chosen from never less than 2000 bottles. One tip: Try the homemade pasta with large Japanese shrimp with bites and generous strips of black Perigord truffles.

les-amis, en de bedste restauranter i Singapore

Les Amis, in  Singapore, classic style

Website from Les Amis

iggy´s Singapore, Mini-Gastro-Bar-Kohada-pinxtos


Next suggestion on your journey through the best restaurants in Singapore is Iggy’s. Great name, you are happy and expectant, even before you arrive. The restaurant is named after the owner with the impressive name “Ignatius Chan” and not Iggy Pop. It is considered no less than one of the best restaurants in Asia. The red thread is diversity, here is inspiration from Asia, Australia and Europe.

Iggy´s Singapore, grøntsagshaven på tallerken
Michelin has also passed and acknowledged the experience with a star. Unobtrusively hidden in the Hilton hotel, this is one of Singapore’s best known restaurants. Iggy´s underwent a major refurbishment in 2016, so if you come to this part of Singapore, visit this in every way sharp restaurant, which as it is modern opens with a large window into the kitchen. The food cheats a little by looking so elegant and simple, but behind it lies a lot of food technology and the best ingredients. Signature dishes are carabinero rice and Spanish mackerel and Tapioca beads.

tipling club singapore

Tippling Club, one of the few top restaurants in Singapore, is just as much a bar

Tippling Club in Singapore’s cozy Chinatown has a lot of hipe because it’s really a cool and photogenic place right from the front and in, and because Tippling is capable of concepts, awards and PR. But there is substance behind the many words. It’s a really good place to hang out when you get to Singapore. Tippling Club has recently moved to Chinatown and is even more focused on the “dining and drinking” concept. So let’s start with the concept. It’s laid-back, and chef Ryan Clift from England serves a cocktail of fun dishes from his laboratory of a kitchen combined with rather innovative drinks.

Tippling Club Singapore

You could rightly choose a tasting menu, which in 2018 costs approx. 43 usd, starting with delicious snacks and ending with ‘Three textures of milk’ dessert. In between these snacks you have to put up with the most delicious mussels, the long razer clams with parsley roots and much more.

Tipling club Singapore: drinks to die for

Tipling club Singapore: drinks to die for

Did we forget about drinks? Not at all. A highlight is a Pink Peppercorn Negroni with gin, sweet Vermouth, Campari and pink peppercorns. Cheers mate. Also a cool website for Tippling Club

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