Sea cruises, the ultimate way to explore the world

Sea cruises are a relatively new concept. Sailing for pleasure at this scale is a newer holiday form in strong growth. In the good old days, you could sail from Europe to “anywhere” with a commercial ship that brought goods or as a means of primary transport. Eg. to New York or to southern Spain to move on to Africa. It was the situation as late as the 20th century, but times are changing, but you can still book a cabin on a commercial cargo ship for a completely different transport at sea where the soul is all along. And there are still a number of direct routes that are not underpinned by the dominance of air transport.

Sea Cruises

Sea Cruises is one of the most sought-after ways of spending a vacation

Sea cruises are about fresh sea air, great fun, new horizons, and delicious food

Anyone who has tried a cruise will probably nod to the mix of comfortable transportation, daily new experiences, new friends, and fresh sea air forms an addictive cocktail. Some make cruises a way of life and live literally on a cruise ship. They say it’s cheap, there is fantastic food and nightclub every night. There are shows, performances, sports, yes an incredibly rich and entertaining travel life. There is also good medical care, the hospital is 100 meters away, the dentist is the same and there are a lot of new friends you can enjoy. Party on!

Others choose to fly to Miami and then see most of the Caribbean on an unforgettable trip or fly to Polynesia for the ultimate island hopping experience or to Rome and from there visit the selected and amazing cities along the Mediterranean in 3-4 countries in a week or 2.

Amazon Cruise

Amazon River Cruise

Sea Cruise Holidays 2023

Are you planning a vacation in 2023? Consider embarking on a sea cruise holiday! Cruise vacations have been a popular choice for travelers worldwide, and 2023 is no exception.

In 2021, the cruise market made a remarkable recovery, reaching levels last seen in 2006. This resurgence is a testament to the enduring appeal of cruise vacations.

The global cruise industry plays a significant role in the economy. In 2019, it welcomed 29.7 million passengers, generated employment for 1.8 million people worldwide, and contributed over $154 billion to the global economy. These numbers highlight the industry’s immense scale and influence.

Among the many cruise lines, Royal Caribbean stood out by carrying the most passengers in 2021. With its exceptional service and diverse itineraries, Royal Caribbean continues to be a top choice for travelers.

Interestingly, 2022 saw nearly 30% fewer cruise ships built compared to the previous year. This shift in shipbuilding trends reflects the industry’s focus on enhancing existing fleets rather than expanding them.

Cruise ships typically travel at an average speed of 18 to 20 knots, equivalent to 23 mph or 37 kph on land. Modern cruise ships are engineering marvels, dwarfing their predecessors. For instance, the original Titanic would be barely half the size of most contemporary cruise ships. The Oasis of the Seas, one of the largest cruise ships, is five times bigger than the Titanic in gross tons.

There are several new cruise ships making their maiden voyage in 2023. Here are some of the new cruise ships to look out for.

Viking Saturn (Viking Cruises): An adults-only ship with all-balcony staterooms across five categories, two pools, a handful of dining venues, and entertainment venues.
Vista (Oceania Cruises): A small ship with all-veranda options, staterooms and suites with oversized rainforest showers, and new dining options such as Ember and Aquamar Kitchen.
Resilient Lady (Virgin Voyages): A ship designed for adults with a focus on wellness, fitness, and relaxation. It features a spa, gym, and a variety of dining options.
Explora I (Explora Journeys): The first ship for the new cruise line, Explora Journeys, which will offer immersive experiences and adventure activities.
MSC Euribia (MSC Cruises): A ship with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. It features a hybrid engine that can run on liquefied natural gas and a variety of entertainment options.
Icon of the Seas (Royal Caribbean): The biggest cruise ship in the world with a gross tonnage of 236,857 and a guest capacity of 6,988.
Norwegian Viva (Norwegian Cruise Line): A ship designed for the Latin American market with a variety of dining options and entertainment venues.
Carnival Jubilee (Carnival Cruise Line): A ship with a focus on family-friendly activities and entertainment.

Cruises are also river trips on the giant river Amazon or a barge in France

Finally, there are a number of amazing and more unusual tour options. We only list a few here: The Amazon River on the Little Lux River Damper? The Norwegian fjords, such as Hurtigruten, are specialists in including the South Pole with departures from Buenos Aires or for the Danes the popular party trip to Oslo and back again with DFDS. The best way to arrive in Oslo in the archipelago for sure, and then you have a party from a-z back and forth.

Honduras, Roatan Cruises

Honduras, Roatan Cruises

Nothing visually beats the view of a  destination rising on the horizon and slowly taking shape while standing on a ship contemplating how Vikings, pirates, and explorers must have felt way back.

It is the unique experience at sea that will focus in this section of our travel portal.

We bring much more cruising and cruises in 2019.  Perhaps start with our Extensive choice of some of The very best cruises in the world?

Happy sailing!

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Hurtigruten, trollfjorden Norge

Hurtigruten, Trollfjorden Norway, amazing sea cruise

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