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Lombok next to Bali

Lombok  in Indonesia is located east of Bali and west of another island Sumbawa, and belongs to a chain of islands called the Sunda Islands. The tropical island is good suggestion in the category “sandy paradise” and several international travel agencies are now offering tours the island, also in connection with trips to Bali.

Especially known for dazzling beaches, surfing as in Kuta Beach  and Banko in southern Lombok. There are many undersea reefs here and it is super scuba and snorkel friendly.

This image shows some colourful beach umbreallas and pillows in Kuta, Bali

This image shows some colorful beach umbrellas and pillows in Kuta

Located to the south Lombok, Kuta Beach is known for its white sandy beaches and seawater so crystal clear you can see the coral reefs from the top of a nearby hill. It’s the most well-known beach in Lombok, which makes it the most visited also. Kuta has a large variety of accommodations and restaurants, ranging from backpacker offerings to 5-star luxury resorts. Kuta offers world-class surfing, including at nearby Gerupuk. Most people come to Kuta in Lombok to just relax out on the beach. Snorkeling is another popular activity.

Tropical resort on Kuta sand beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Tropical resort on Kuta sand beach, Lombok, Indonesia

If you would like to travel a little outside the well-known tourist areas of the world and Bali in particular, go to the Lombok for a few days. Here, great nature experiences await, such as seeing giant sea turtles and living by and on the sea during your stay in Lombok.

Facts about Lombok:

Location. Close to and east of Bali

Belongs to Indonesia

Size 4735 km2 Area: 4,725 km²

Population of 3.2 million

Archipelago: Lesser Sunda Islands

Highest point: Mount Rinjani

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