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The Caribbean, where the sun feeds your dreams

The Caribbean or the West Indian Islands are a more than 1000 islands as far as one can almost get in the Western Atlantic between North and South America. A number of closely knitted islands is also called an archipelago in this case consisting of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands, often called Greater Antilles. In addition, we find North Lucayan Archipelago, which houses the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands.

Going to the east we find the little Antilles, which  consists of a group of much smaller and relatively unknown islands belonging to Central and South American countries. These are the major islands. 

A group of young ladies are dressed in yellow, blue and pink frilly Spanish-styled dresses with head-ties and flowers some carrying fans on Carnival in Trinidad representing the country's Spanish cultural heritage.

A brief history of the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands  first belonged to the native Indians for thousands of years, just like the United States did. Two tribes fought especially bravely about the right to the islands. The Arawak Indians first came and held the fort for about. 2,000 years and then lost the grip to the Carib Indians. These islands have been a treasure for a number of mainly European countries for centuries. The had possessions, and slaves in the Caribbean. They exported sugar, spices, rum and what not. Business was good. Even Denmark had the West Indian Islands as you may know for hundreds of years, but also the Spaniards first, then  the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French and the English sailed to get their share of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean and their production natural resources and too cheap labor. Now we see a relatively high degree of autonomy and a growing understanding that the real value is the islands themselves and they need protection and preservation and “gentle tourism”. Then we can still visit, as long as the eco-balance is there.

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