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Ajman is Dubai’s relatively unknown “little brother”

Ajman is the smallest of the 7 emirates just a short drive from Dubai. Several travel agencies arrange trips and excursions to this. It is at the same time the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is located on the Arabian Peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf, just north of the neighboring city of Sharjah, with which it has merged. The Emirate is one of the seven members of the United Arab Emirates. Until 1971, it was a British protectorate. The Emirate is located right next to the coast with 16 km of beaches. Altogether, 256 km2  with a moderate number of 400,000 inhabitants and an exciting culture and absolutely contemporary hotels and restaurants appropriate for a family member of the 7 emirates. Here is no expense spared. Welcome!

Ajman museumAjman Museum

It was a fort in the 18th century and the first line of defense for the country and is now a museum. You get a good insight into the traditional local lifestyle several hundred years ago, and you can see the results of the archaeological excavations for hundreds of years. The fort was also used as a palace for the regent.

Ajman strande

Ajman strande

Beach Time

Ajman has many hotels with direct locations on the beach with its own private beach lot. Even if you are not staying at one of these delicious hotels, you can usually rent a place on the beach for a day for sensible money.

Golf in Ajman

Al-Zorah-11th-3538 meter golf hole, Ajman

Al-Zorah-11th-3538 meter golf hole, Ajman

Where to stay in Ajman

Fairmont Hotel, Ajman

Fairmont Hotel, Ajman

Travel relevant facts, Ajman

Area: 259 km²

Population: 361.160

Official travelsite of Ajman

TravelTalk - White suitcaseMap over Ajman

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