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North America´s big 3 countries

North America consists of three really enormous countries: the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  You will find a number of articles on all 3 countries. Just follow the links above.

15 great places to visit in the US

Downtown Los Angeles skyline over snowy mountains at twilight.

Los Angeles, see top 15 places to visit in the US

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On the USA as a travel destination, you´ll find travel articles and tips from places such as San Diego, California, on the Pacific coast. San Diego´s got it all, the beach, the Pacific Ocean, the climate and the charm of the city, not too big not too small.

You can also read about the new trend: sleeping in a barn the USA. Did you know that Americans really excel at converting old barns into cozy “country hotels”? In the states, people just love to get “back to nature” and camp out in the “wilds” to experience it first-hand. Back to nature is one of the fast-growing trends among travelers to the USA.

You will also find a story on many other travel sites in the US. One is  Orlando, the perfect family vacation.

See Cancun and other places, you have to visit in Mexico.



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North America is also Mexico, synonymous with adventure, sun, and beaches. Or what about diving? We have an article that´ll tell you all about that, too. The largest island off the coast is Cozumel – a favorite travel destination for divers heading to Mexico.

Or you might find inspiration in our little introduction to Cancun, which is one of Mexico´s hottest travel destinations.

Canada has some of the best ski resports on the continent

Canada has some of the best ski resorts on the continent

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Canada – this huge country has so much to offer, that we haven´t caught up with it all yet. But we will! Here is the introduction to Canada to sharpen your appetite!  And this post from vibrant Montreal.

Canada´s great skiresorts

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