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Bali, introduction to a beautiful island

Bali is a “tropic-exotic”, highly attractive vacation island and travel destination. And what´s more, the frequency of direct flights to Singapore and then onwards, and the number of travel agencies that offer both long stay and stop-over vacations make it one of the world´s most appealing tropical islands for tourists from all over the globe. Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful island.

So where is Bali?

So where is Bali exactly? Just off the coast of Indonesia, see the map of the island with selected, authentic Bali attractions.

Get in the mood right from the start and sample a taste of Balinese culture in our video of a Balinese New Year:


Lombok-Indonesia, next to Bali

Seminyak Beach Party – where the action never ends!

Seminyak is probably one of the most renowned spots on this tropical island. It is also one of the most expensive, by Balinese standards, to visit and the most westernized in style. This is the fashionable hot-spot – the place to be if restaurants offering fine dining experiences, luxury beach bars are what you are looking for – not to mention shopping that offers everything from cheap sunglasses to Gucci and Dolce Gabbana. You´ll have to look elsewhere for the true Balinese cultural experience.

But naturally, you won´t have to go far to find it, and here are a couple of ideas on where to find the real Bali, and where you can get a taste of the island´s unbelievable beauty and seductive charm.

The places we will describe include the following, but there is more to come:

Seminyak Beach (the most exclusive resort, included here because, although we couldn´t call it unspoiled, it does have an excellent reputation)

Menjangan Island (perhaps the most secluded spot on Bali?)

Pemuteran (a diver´s paradise)

Nusa Ceningan (a tiny, private island with stunning lagoons)

Tulamben, the most easterly point on the island, fantastic, offers diving and snorkelling, pebble beach)

Blue Lagoon (romantic, the place to propose to your sweetheart!)

Nyang Nyang Beach

Pentai Soka (featured in the intro photo)

Sometimes, it takes a little time to reach some of the beaches by public transport, car or on foot, but the extra effort is well worth it!

Travel inspiration from Bali

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