Hurtigruten from freight ship to modern worldwide cruising

Hurtigruten is an almost iconic phenomenon. It started with shipping that has tied Norway together for over 100 years and still does. It has been further developed into an experience and personal development travel form that welcomes ship visitors from all over the world to a number of unique cruises that can be defined as a collection of unique nature experiences, combined with culinary pampering, knowledge acquisition of nature and history. You make new friends you’ve shared something unique with. Travel occasion may be private or in a framework of business meetings, celebrating an event and much more. You are your own explorer for a week or two in comfortable and safe surroundings with Hurtigruten.

A trip to the South Pole?

There are many cruise lines, also larger and more luxurious. But a concept like Hurtigruten’s really exists only in Norway. Besides that, the shipping route also has a unique trip to the South Pole, for those who can’t get far enough away and yet close enough to untouched nature, and the place that holds 80% of all the world’s fresh water – yet.

And now also other cruises around the world are added. The Hurtigruten has become international and is for everyone who is a true explorer without wanting to compromise on comfort along the way.


Today a worldwide Explorer Cruiseline

Today, Hurtigruten is a worldwide cruise line, also with cruises in North and South and Central America. In Europe, across the Atlantic and around Greenland, Svalbard and Iceland, but always with respect for the very special quality premises, Hurtigruten is today stronger than ever. We will tell you more about this on traveltalk.

Read stories about the Hurtigruten, which hopefully gives an impression of this special travel form at sea and the many exciting destinations. There should be an inspiration for anyone who wants a journey that, despite full comfort, goes a little further out for the experiences!

Go to Antarctica from South America with Hurtigruten. A once in a life time experience.

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