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Cycling holidays are extremely popular in many countries like in cycling holidays first mover Denmark and Holland and now also in the UK and USA proved by extensive city planning for biking in as an example even New York. So it makes good sense to add it to an interesting way to travel, even in major cities. Let´s take Denmark first as an example
It comes as no surprise given Denmark’s wide range of cycling facilities and infrastructure, that it is attractive for people to swop to cycling in densely populated cities. The country is also known for its successful cycling sports culture with lots of victories over the years at the highest level from the racecourse to mountain biking. In other words, the Danes are naturally adept at biking.

Read how a cycling holidays in Denmark could play out.

Copenhagen has more bikes than cars

Fact is that there are more cyclists than motorists in Copenhagen. Somewhere the Danes’ collective DNA, the bike is firmly stuck and it affects them in so many positive ways: Health, experiences, togetherness. In Denmark, city planning with the bicycle in focus has been promoted for many years and without signs of slowing down. Also now we see a very interesting travel pattern. Cycle holidays run from “Copy Tour de France” aka bike rides, endurance races in the Dolomites for the less experienced, up to the more advanced cycling trips in countries as far away as Vietnam and Nepal. Here are a few attractive examples, and remember you do not have to be Tour de France material to rent a bike in another country or your own to see the country from this most rewarding perspective.

Cycling holidays in the Austrian Alps?

In Austria, sports tourism is quite serious about cycling holidays and there are interesting travel concepts such as the fantastic mountain routes for those who want serious altitudes in the lungs and legs.

Oplev Zugspitz fra fugleperspektiv eller mountainbike

Read about amazing cycling holidays here such as the one in Kitzbühleher. “Bike vacation” has gone international as a vacation form, and follows the most interesting developments providing you with inspiration, first-hand experiences and other travel tips for you right here.

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Mountain biking in Austria’s high mountains

Kleinwalsertal is an excellent place for starters and advanced cyclists alike when it comes to mountain biking on your cycling holidays.

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