Discover The Palm Beaches

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Discover The Palm Beaches

Discover The Palm Beaches Florida is the official tourism marketing corporation for Palm Beach County, Florida. The organization’s mission is to promote tourism and travel to the Palm Beaches, a region that includes 39 cities and towns spanning more than 2,300 square miles in Southeast Florida.

The Palm Beaches Florida markets the region to visitors both domestically and internationally, with a focus on promoting the area’s natural beauty, cultural attractions, culinary scene, and diverse range of activities and events. The organization works closely with local businesses, attractions, and hotels to create marketing campaigns and programs that help drive tourism to the area.

In addition to marketing and promoting the Palm Beaches as a travel destination, Discover The Palm Beaches Florida also provides information and resources for visitors and residents. This includes a comprehensive website with information on attractions, accommodations, events, and more, as well as a visitor information center located in downtown West Palm Beach.

Overall, the official tourism marketing organization plays an important role in driving tourism and economic growth in Palm Beach County, while showcasing the unique and vibrant character of this beautiful region.

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