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The Geographical Wonders of Norway

Norway is a big country in the Nordic region of Europe. Although many positive things can be said about the Nordic Countries in general, when it comes to stunning natural surroundings, a look at Norway may well give rise to a little envy here and there. Norwegians live in nothing less than a geographical wonder of a country, the size, and nature of which can take render even the most well-versed traveller speechless. To say it takes your breath away, doesn´t do it justice. Although the country’s largest city and capital, Oslo, may be lacking in outdoor experiences compared to other parts of the country, the view over the Oslo fjord and the beauty of the hilly terrain that surrounds it makes up for it to quite some degree. From the industrial area around Skøyen, through the town and towards Nordstrand, where Norwegians increasingly have chosen to settle, it is a beautiful and extremely modern city that exudes Nordic history and identity.

northern light in Tromsø

Go West in Norway

If you head west towards Bergen in Northern Norway, you will find a medium- sized, lively Nordic city, the second largest in the country. Despite having an unforgiveable number of rainy days per year, it does make up for it with a landscape of great beauty. “The Seven Mountains” is the Norwegian term for the seven mountains that surround the city, the highest being Ulriken, which can be climbed by foot, or ascended by way of the Ulriken Cable Car

Go North in Norway

If we move further north in Norway, the country remains rich in travel experiences, although the people will be fewer and fewer per square kilometre. For those who are seeking adventure, the Svalbard Archipelago awaits, whose island locations within the northern polar circle, make Southern Greenland resemble a southern tropical paradise. You may choose to stop in Tromsø where you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights from one of the various lookouts in certain seasons.
When all is said about Norway, its greatest strength may, in fact, be its inhabitants; Equipped with sincerity and a healthy dose of irony, as expressed in the so-called “Heia Norway!” slogan, you´ll have to look far to find an unfriendly face in this country. And thus, an already beautiful country will become even more beautiful, if you have the chance to get to know its people.
Read about fantastic Tromsø, for example, a Norwegian big city north of the Arctic Circle where you may be lucky enough to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

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