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Art museums, exhibitions, and concerts are popular travel interests nowadays. You learn more about the culture of a country or a particular artist’s influence in his/her locale. The arts and culture vacation is getting broader and diverse experiences. As individuals, our travels leave a lasting impact that contributes to our growing wisdom and well-being.

Some destinations are more known than others in cultivating art such as museums on major cities in classical Europe, New York, and other metropolis cities like Tokyo, Brazil, etc. These are our focus points, but also offers guides to art and culture that is a little harder to find than usual.

The global art scene

Links to art cities with great Museums & art to see

Louisiana, Arken, Statens Museum for Kunst, ARoS






El Prado

New York
The Metropolitan


National Singapore Gallery


and more.

Our first recommendation for thematic art and culture is situated in Dijon, France. A completely unique museum of modern art featured here will surely spell the new artistic flows before others will follow suit.

Le Consortium, maxresdefault, i Dijon

Le Consortium, maxresdefault, in Dijon, France.

Here’s another story about art and culture, the newly opened (2015) museum in Singapore, which houses the largest collection of modern Asian art. In addition to being relevant, modern and an experience in itself, Singapore never seizes to amaze even the most persnickety art enthusiast.

Singapore National Gallery åbnede i 2015 som et moderne museum

The Singapore National Gallery opened in 2015 is a modern museum

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Ekebergparken Oslo Norge

Ekebergparken, Oslo, Norge

El Prado is the most famous museum in Spain with a priceless art collection. Ernest Hemingway spent countless hours here as he wrote about in his books.

Museo del Prado, Visit Madrid

Museo del Prado, Visit Madrid

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