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Asia is the biggest continent of all. The entire Asian continent covers a mass of countries, which, for the rest of the world, is a myriad of destinations for holiday and leisure. However, it is not a well-defined geographical area. Sometimes overlapping with parts of Europe and other places. The most-traveled country of all Asian countries is Thailand with millions of visitors every year. Not far behind are Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia as well as several other favorite destinations. People often travel a long way to experience Asia: The dazzling nature, the exotic touch, and even the well-developed golf courses are alluring.

Thailand. Sanphet Prasat Palace, park

Thailand. Sanphet Prasat Palace, park

Here in this section Visit Asiaan countries, is accumulating travel info, travel tips, offers, and travel descriptions from many Asian countries. See also Airports, Tourist Offices, and Travel Agencies for more inspiration on your next trip to the Asian continent.



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Palawan and Boracay are 2 of the most stunning islands in Asia

Boracay island in the Philippines is always among the top destinations on almost every travel list due to its pristine white beaches and year-round climate of 25 degrees up. A trip to this beautiful destination, if not flying directly, can be accomplished with one stop in Manila from most countries. Want to know more about Boracay.


Boracay, The Phillippines

Smallest countries in Asia?

Asia has the biggest countries and the smallest. In this article we will present some of the smallest, where the heat and the experience are big:
Smallest countries in the Asian region

Smallest country in Asia, maldives with underwater life

The smallest country in Asia, the Maldives with underwater life

10 of the biggest mountains to visit in Asia

Apart from the well-known mountains and peaks in Tibet, we show you the tallest mountains in 10 Asian countries.

Mount Fuji reflected in Lake Yamanaka at dawn, Japan.

Mount Fuji reflected in Lake Yamanaka at dawn, Japan.

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japan, temple

Japan, temple and cherry trees

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