Context is a network of academics and specialists whose goal is to invite travelers off the beaten path and into the real lives of people, history and culture of the world’s largest cities.

While more than 80% of their guides have master’s or doctoral degrees in their fields of expertise, they follow the rule that learning is not a limited activity. They are interested in the places and people around us. They are inspired by conversations full of new perspectives and often unknown stories. They don’t play with the facts. Theirs is the approach of the intellectual seeker to the world: both in life and at work, they are excited by the powerful possibility of “still”.

At the end of the day, they believe that traveling is the best form of education, best served with a side filled with meaningful interaction and memorable conversation.

Curiosity is the key and that has been true from the beginning. Context was founded in 2003 by Paul Bennett and Lani Bevacqua, a husband and wife who landed in Rome after more than two years sailing across the Atlantic.

They are immensely proud to have been a Certified B Corporation since 2011, and they run their business with the understanding that traveling should make them advocates for a place, not a means of its deterioration. They know that if it is carried out in a sustainable way, travel can profoundly benefit both the visitor and the visitor.

In short: their goal is to live up to their name. Giving something of “Context” is connecting the points between times, geographies and cultures. It is uniting them as part of a larger and shared narrative.

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