Green Traveler

Green Traveler

Green Traveler ( is a project aiming to lower CO2 emissions from traveling.

The UK-based website was created in 2006 and aims to provide information to UK travelers on how to have a lower carbon holiday. The site features a selection of green travel guides to destinations (Green Traveller’s Guides), car-free guides and step-by-step guides to non-flight routes to Europe by train and ferry, as well as ideas for specific green vacations in select Green Places to stay. They have visited various vacations (organized by a selection of accredited tour operators) that can be reached without flying. They also have an award-winning blog with news and information on low-carbon travel.

Green has been featured in selected lists of the ‘Best Travel Websites’ in Telegraph, Times, Independent and Guardian, and has appeared in dozens of other publications, including Conde Nast Traveler, The Sun, The Irish Times, The Sunday Times, Wanderlust, The Ecologist, Family Traveler, Mail Online, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.

Green Traveler is a Wiltshire-based media agency specializing in providing quality audiovisual material for the travel and tourism industry.

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